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Launch of the digital exhibition

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Launch of the digital exhibition

Aktives Museum e.V. and the Berlin Stolpersteine Coordination Office have cooperated with contemporary residents of the buildings concerned and other interested members of the public to research the history of forced homes for Jewish Berliners from 1939 on. The result is a digital exhibition which traces this phenomenon of Nazi persecution and places it in its historical context. Here, the participants present the findings of this participatory research project.

To mark the launch of the digital exhibition, temporary interventions will be carried out in the city. Large posters near the buildings concerned will raise the visibility of the history of forced homes, for example, in Zehdenicker Straße in Prenzlauer Berg. In addition, permanent commemorative plaques will be mounted on some of the buildings.

Lena Altmann, Co-CEO of the Alfred Landecker Foundation
Forced Homes work group
Akim Jah, Johanna Kühne and Gundula Meiering
Karoline Georg
Nina Weniger

7.00 pm
Roter Salon
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz